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June 5, 2008

As many of you may well be aware, my brother, The Boy, entered the Empty-Sea a week ago, to get trained and stuff for his mission to Phoenix (he’s LDS). There are many upsides to this development, including salvation for the Mexican People, but there are some drawbacks for those of us on the home front. One of these for me has been the loss (temporary) of one of the few people on earth who finds humor in the same things I do. I can no longer just shoot him off a text in the middle of the day saying something that I know only he and I will find funny. So for the last week, these funny thoughts have been building up inside me with no outlet. And then I remembered: my blog! So, dear readers, with no further explanation, here’s what’s been cracking me up since last Wednesday.

Tommy. Tom Cat. You can never have too many cats named Tom.
-Artie Fufkin

Do you like ice cream treats?

Picture in the Deseret Morning News of a SL Real player giving an opponent a wedgie mid-game.,5143,700230878,00.html
(Okay, the rest of the world may find this funny also.)

Big right paw to big left paw.
-Big Dave

Oh, it’s good to work in the soil. I love just working in the soil.
-Hal T.

And many more that I’ve surpressed/forgotten. I sigh as I stare into the steady rain and confront the reality of two humorless years ahead of me.

Today’s recommendations:
Viva La Vida, Coldplay
Believe, The Bravery
A-Punk, Vampire Weekend

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