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If I Had a Thousand Dollars

June 26, 2008

The other day, Log and I were eating dinner. He pointed out that I was making a lot of money in my job (from a 10-year-old’s perspective), so why couldn’t I just give him a thousand dollars? This made reflect seriously. In the last week, Log has brought home four wild frogs (and built a superb habitat for them), discovered three baby quail and attempted to keep them alive, and borrowed a toad from his buddy Kaden. Given the kid’s limited resources, he has been remarkably successful in transforming our east Sandy home into Animal Planet. I’ve tried to imagine what critters we’d find roaming the grounds if he had a grand to add into the kitty.

Someone said recently that Laura has become so impressed with Paul Pierce (regardless of whether he really is Hispanic) that she’s vowed to name the babe “The Truth” in his honor.

I’ve decided not to post any pictures of last night’s bouldering, but I will say this: if current trends continue, it would be wise to buy stock in makers of Loc-tite super glue and Band-Aids. That’s basically what’s holding my hands together right now.

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  1. hawkinsart permalink
    June 27, 2008 6:20 pm

    Your comment of Paul Pierce (and our future child’s name) made me realize I’ve got to figure this out once and for all: what is the nationality of this guy? After several google searches, I have found nothing. I’ll let you know when I get to the bottom of this.

  2. Lisa Marie permalink
    July 1, 2008 6:05 pm

    All i want to do sometimes is hang out with Log. I know he might think that is weird but that is okay.

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