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Karma Police

May 18, 2010

I made a terrible karma decision this week (or last?) by telling Cath how awesome I’ve gotten at parallel parking. It’s bad enough to say something like that, but worst of all, I believed it myself. My misguided braggadocio caught up with me today. Both my attempts at parallel parking were catastrophic. In the Wilk 15 minute parking area today, I did perhaps the worst job I’ve ever done. I tried fixing it a few times, failed, and ultimately just left the car a foot away from the curb. The Hispanic woman in the car behind the space I was trying to park in watched the whole pathetic process with eyebrows raised. In my mind, I could hear her saying, “America’s Future, huh?” in the same voice Stuart Scott uses in this Sportscenter commercial. Later tonight, I tried parallel parking again. Should have been easy, since it was the same spot I’d pulled out of earlier. It took me three or four tries, however, to get that sucker in there, and it couldn’t have been an easier setup. Very disappointing.

In other news, however, I found this guy

and several of his buddies swimming around in a river we went to this weekend, and the Yankees beat the Sox tonight in maybe the most heart-wrenching way possible. Cath is back in town for a bit, and so in summary, I am going to bed a happy man, parking karma notwithstanding.

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