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October 16, 2010

Spent all day fishing with Pops and Pepe. I was blown away by the beautiful gold aspen leaves shining from among the dark pines. I realized that one way of looking at fall is “Everything is dying,” but another perspective is that fall means “Had A Great Summer.”

And I did, so thank you, Autumn.

Some final thoughts:

  1. The picture isn’t from today, nor is it where we fished, but it is a picture of Fall. Tyler probably took it.
  2. I’ve also been thinking of funny conversations I want to have with my siblings. Everything is more funny with them. I want to brainstorm names for imaginary heavy metal bands that would make Mom nervous (we already started this one, sort of, and it was a blast!). I also want to brainstorm ridiculous but believable names for imaginary chick flicks. I’ve been trying to think up good Young Women activity night themes this week, so I guess I’ve just been in this frame of mind. For starters, I think there should be a chick flick called The Locket. Don’t know what it would be about, don’t care. Alls I know is that plenty of girls would want to go see it based on title alone, and they will cry effusively whilst watching The Locket.
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  1. Kellen permalink
    October 16, 2010 9:59 am

    The real problem is coming up with Chick Flick names that are not already in use. For instance, I thought of the name, “It takes two”. Turns out Steve Gutenburg already snagged it:

    Those Stonecutters ruin everything.

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